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Becoming an Australian citizen would mean that you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia and its shared values. In your migration story, Australian citizenship will be an important step. Citizenship applications are the first steps towards becoming a formal member of the Australian community and we are here to help you with that. 

Apply for Australian Citizenship: Aura Migration Services

At Aura Migration Services, we aim to provide you with the most accurate and updated information about citizenship. With us, you can apply for Australian citizenship without any worry. We help you with the application and documentation process of citizenship and ensure that you have a hassle-free experience. Before you apply for citizenship, we want you to go through the brief information provided below.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Australian Citizenship

Requirements for citizenship applications of children will vary from that of the adults. Eligibility criteria for individuals who are above 18 years of age and want to apply for citizenship are given below:

  • You must pass the citizenship test.
  • You must be a permanent citizen of Australia at the time of application and decision.
  • You must satisfy the character requirements specified by the authority.
  • You must satisfy specific residence requirements.
  • You must be likely to continue to reside in Australia. 
  • Or you must maintain a close association with Australia.

Residence Requirement

Individuals who have become permanent residents of Australia on or after 1 July 2007 should have lawfully resided in the country for four years immediately before submitting citizenship applications. The residence requirement specified by the authority includes:

  • 12 months of your residence in Australia as a permanent resident.
  • Not more than 12 months of absence from Australia.
  • Not more than 90 days of absence from Australia in the 12 months immediately before submitting citizenship applications.

Citizenship Test

Those who wish to apply for citizenship must pass the Australian citizenship test. This test is designed to help future citizens understand the History, Traditions, National symbols, and Values of Australia. This test ensures that those who apply for Australian citizenship are capable of fully utilizing the available opportunities and participating in the Australian community as a citizen. People who are under the age of 18 years or over the age of 60 years and those who suffer from substantial loss of hearing, speech, or sight need not take up the citizenship test. 

Requirements before you sit for the citizenship test 

  • You must be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • You must satisfy the department of your identity during the registration process of the test.
  • You should either provide a photograph of yourself or you should let the department take a picture of you.

Privileges of Australian Citizenship

Becoming an Australian Citizen will grant you the right to do a lot of lawful things, which cannot be done otherwise. Some of the privileges that come along with citizenship are mentioned below.

  • You can live in Australia 
  • You can apply for an Australian passport.
  • You can leave and re-enter Australia without having to apply for a resident return visa.
  • You can get the assistance of Australian Diplomatic Representatives while you are overseas.
  • You can work in the public service sector.
  • You can serve in the armed forces.
  • You can vote to elect the members of the Australian parliament.
  • You can stand for the parliament elections.
  • You can register any of your children born overseas as Australian citizens by descent if they are born after you become an Australian citizen.

Responsibilities as Australian Citizens

Citizenship brings a lot of responsibilities along with privileges. As an Australian Citizen:

  • You must obey the laws of Australia.
  • When the need arises, you must defend Australia.
  • If called to do so, you must serve in a jury.
  • You should enroll on federal and state/territory electoral registers.
  • You are required to vote in elections.


With all the above information we hope that you’ve gained adequate knowledge about the requirements, responsibilities, and privileges of Australian citizenship. At Aura Migration Services in Western Sydney, we will be more than happy to provide you with more information and help you apply for citizenship while assisting you with the entire procedure and documentation. Contact us today on +61 490173525 or write to us at to know more or to get expert help when you apply for Australian citizenship.

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