Employer Sponsored Visa Requirements in Australia

For businesses operating in Australia, if they are unable to fill in certain job profiles from the local talent pool, they can recruit personnel from outside the country, provided they meet some specific requirements. The employer will be the sponsor of the visa and they will need to be a legal, licensed business operation in Australia. The recruited employee has to be filled in for a full-time position and should be paid the minimum wage as prescribed by law. Before the visa can be approved, the nomination should be approved. The hired candidate can apply for a permanent residence in Australia if they have procured an employer’s sponsorship for a position that translates to an occupation listed on the Employee Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL). They should also have skills pertaining to the prescribed role which has been assessed by an authority. Only candidates under the age of 45 years are eligible to apply for employer sponsored work visa and should be able to meet any training or program that enables them to work under no supervision. There are three main types of employer sponsored visas under the Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186):

  1. Direct Entry Scheme – Under this scheme, employees nominated by their employers can permanently reside in Australia forever. They can work and study whilst their stay and can receive the benefits of Australia’s public healthcare system. They are deemed eligible to apply for citizenship as well. Family member such as spouse/ dependent/ children/ parents etc can migrate with the applicant under this provision.
  2. Labour Agreement Scheme – This scheme allows people nominated by their employees to live for an infinite period in Australia. The employers are required to be party to a labour agreement. The applicant can bring dependents and sponsor family members. Under this employer sponsored visa, they can apply for citizenship and enjoy the benefits of Australia’s public health system.
  3. Temporary Residence Transition Team – Once nominated by the employer, the applicant can reside for an infinite period in Australia. It is mandatory for them to hold a subclass 457, TSS or related Bridging visa A, B or C, and should have worked for a minimum of three years under the employer whilst possessing the subclass 457 or TSS visa. Alongside bringing family and dependents to Australia, the applicant can also receive the Australian public health benefits.

Agents for Employer Sponsored Work Visa in Western Sydney

Aura Migration Services is a Western Sydney-based visa consultant service. We have assisted an extensive clientele for migrating to Australia for work, education, and personal purposes. Authorised by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), we comply with all the standards and protocols of the authority. Aura Migration Services is led by professionals who are adept in all the intricate rules and provisions when it comes to visa processing and immigration. They also upgrade and update their skills and information by attending regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes. This way, we ensure that our clients receive accurate information and experience a seamless visa filing process. The leading services of Aura Migration Services are work visa, business visa, family or partner visa, student visa, visit visa, working holiday maker visa, general skilled migration visa, employer sponsored visa, study and professional year visa, temporary visa, citizenship application visa and so on.

Employer sponsored work visa is one of the most widely applied visa categories. Over the years, Aura Migration Services has assisted numerous employers find suitable employees. For the employees, it has served as a great job opportunity and a provision for permanent residence in Australia.

Unsure about employer sponsored visa requirements for Australia? Visit our website at https://auramigrationservices.com.au. For tariffs and customisations, call us on +61 490 173 525 or write to us at info@auramigrationservices.com.au.

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