Privacy Policy


At Aura Migration Services, we ensure all Personal and Private information shared with us is protected and the confidentiality is maintained as stated within the MARA Code of Conduct. At Aura Migration Services, we take every step possible to ensure all information shared is kept private.

Personal Information:

It is mandatory to source personal information from our clients to ensure we provide the correct migration-related advice and answers to all queries we receive. The information shared with us over the website, email communication, or through oral means is kept in a safe and secure manner with confidentially maintained throughout the process.

The information may be shared with our employees/partners who are delegated to perform actions on your/our behalf. A few examples of such partners include delivery/postage services, processing of credit card payments, and translation services. Only the required personal information will be shared with 3rd party individuals and this will be kept securely with them and will not be used for other purposes unrelated to the task.

Account or any other personal information is only released when required as per the law or in the situation whereby a legal claim has been placed.

Online Security

Any information which you have provided to us on our online portal or website (for enquiries, booking an appointment, or through the Chat bot service) is frequently monitored and protected by our server. The click stream data is collected on our HTTP logs, which is used only for statistical purposes internally.


Our website may contain links to other websites. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy policies or accuracy of any information contained within these other sites. Clients should be aware when leaving our site and should ensure privacy statement of other websites are thoroughly read to ensure personal information is being treated as we do, in a safe manner.

Updates to Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change from time to time. Clients should ensure they visit our website to view any changes to the policy which occur.

Your privacy is our priority:

We have developed this privacy policy to ensure there is transparency in how we use, collect, communicate, and disclose the personal information which is collected from all our clients. Please read the below points as an outline of our privacy policy and terms:

  1. Prior to and at the time of collecting personal information, the purpose and use after collection is made clear to all clients.
  2. The personal information collected will be solely used for assistance with performing the necessary tasks identified by us as required unless separate consent is obtained by us for legal use.
  3. The information collected will only remain with us until required to ensure all tasks are performed as stated.
  4. All personal information will be collected according to guidelines stated in the MARA code of conduct, with the consent and knowledge of the individual involved.
  5. All collected information will be secured and we will ensure that it is safeguarded from loss, copying, theft, or use for medication purposes.
  6. Aura Migration Services ensures the privacy policies, terms and conditions, and related guidelines are made transparent to all our clients throughout the process.
  7. Personal information sourced from clients should be accurate, up to date, and provided as required to Aura Migration Services, as we ensure we act in your best interest.

Aura Migration Services team is committed to ensuring the above guidelines are followed at all times, and we work in your best interest to assist and take command over your migration endeavours. Our team can be contacted for further questions regarding the privacy policy during business hours.

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