Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa Western Sydney

Under the temporary skills shortage visa programme, an Australian-based organization can hire international labour in case of a deficit or shortage of talent in the local pool. It has both short-term and long-term programmes. There are three segments to this:

  1. Short term – Applicants who are hired under the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) programme are eligible for visas of up to two years, which can be renewed once for two more years.
  2. Long term – Those sectioned under the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) can apply for up to four years extension, with an added eligibility for permanent residency after three years.
  3. Labour agreement – In this case, the organisation or employer has to get into a labour agreement with the Australian government stating that they want to retain the international talent in the event of no resource available in the local talent pool and absence of specific visa laws to retain them.

Steps to Apply for Temporary Short Skill Visa

  1. Sponsorship – The employer has to apply for the provision of a standard business sponsor. They must go through a detailed process to procure this, which includes identifying the correct ABN to apply under, registering the business, supplying Business Activity Statements (BAS) and financial statements, showing dedication in training Australian citizens and permanent residents, and compliance with workplace and other requisite Australian laws.
  2. Nomination – The employer must nominate a role in their business stating that they were unable to procure local talent and hence must find international employees. To prove this, they must engage in labour market testing, salary levelling, and training levy.
  3. Visa Application – In this step, the nominee has to prove that they possess the requisite skill sets to undertake and perform the job. They will need to submit other necessary health and educational documents if demanded.

Reliable Temporary Work Visa Agent in Western Sydney

Aura Migration Services is a Western Sydney-based visa consultancy that deals with a plethora of visa works such as work visa, business visa, family or partner visa, student visa, visit visa, working holiday maker visa, general skilled migration visa, employer sponsored visa, study and professional year visa, temporary visa, citizenship application visa and so on. We are registered under the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and is known across the country to impart quality and professional services that follow the requisites prescribed by the authority. Our staff has aided thousands of job seekers, migrants, and students in moving to Australia to materialise their dreams. At Aura Migration Services, we emphasise on quality and lay our primary focus on customer satisfaction. Therefore, our customer support team undergoes periodical Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which keeps them updated on the latest developments in the laws and regulations of visas and immigration. We strive to be an all-inclusive agency and hence have an affordable rate card, which can be managed by people from all walks of life. We are transparent in our dealings and do not have any hidden costs.

Temporary work visas are one of the most frequently applied visa options for Australia. We have assisted qualified labourers to move to the country and find a fulfilling life and career.

To know more about reliable and affordable temporary work visa options, visit our website at https://auramigrationservices.com.au. For tariffs and customisations, call us on +61 490 173 525 or write to us at vedant@auramigrationservices.com.au.

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